Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Curse of AQ

Yesterday C-Red, Mr Black and i went to the 150K Guarantee at Starworld Casino. It was $500 rebuy for the first 2 hours and there were 92 entrants. I ended up on the same table as Mr Black. Crazy Mr Black went all in blind first hand and had a caller who also called blindly and so i decided to join and call. Mr Black shows Q6 off suit, this other guy shows Q8 off suit and i have A9 spades putting me ahead. The flop came 3,5,3 turn 2 river 7 giving me an instant triple up!!! Great start!!

Here is a hand i remember playing.. Blinds were 100/200, i have about 8,000 chips (chip leader on my table) and i called in late position Q10 hearts. 4 other people were in the pot. The flop came 3h6h3d, they all check and i raise to 600, 2 call and the rest folds, and the turn comes a 5h. Small blind checks it and Glasses guy checks it, i raise to 800, small blind calls and glasses guy ships his stack of 1450, i call 650 more and small blind calls too. There is no way they had the full house i thought to myself, small blind looks nervous and the river comes a Ace of hearts.. so im thinking hmmmmmmmmmmm, small blind checks it and i check. Small blind shows 65 for 2 pair, glasses guy shows 24 for the straight but i win with the flush and take the pot.

It was end of the rebuy period and i have about 14,000 chips. Average stack is 9,000. Now everyone plays 'properly' and the atmosphere died and went quiet. Didnt really play much hands and said to myself- be paitent! I bled a little and stole a little back and then there was 30 players left. Mr Black, C-Red and myself all made it to the final 3 tables! I Get AQ and it was probably my best hand i had so far so i raise it 2 times the big blind and get one caller. I didnt hit the flop and checked it to him and he checked, and the turn came nothing so i checked it again (wrong move) and he raised 3,000 and covered his face with his hands. I didnt believe him but i folded. What i did wrong was i didnt do the continuation bet on the flop, and lost 1/4 of my stack! I hate AQ. After that Mr Black goes raises preflop with AQ and chip leader re raises him!! Mr Black ships his stack and chip leader calls and he shows AK! They didnt hit the board so AK won the whole of Mr Blacks stack of about 23,000 chips and knocked Mr Black out 24th place. I had about 7,000 chips and the blinds were 800/1600 plus 200 ante so i had to make a move, i was small blind and everyone folded to me so i go all in with K9 to steal against another short stack but he has 1,000 more than me. He calls and shows A4 and hits his 4 on the river so i got knocked out 23rd place.

C-Red went all in with AQ pre flop and huge chip leader goes all in and then this guy goes all in with about average stack and says he wants to win the side pot?! So chip leader shows A9, and the guy shows AJ so C-Red is ahead with AQ. The flop comes 4,7,J the turn a Q... and the river a ....JACK!!!! Sickening!! So C-Red got knocked out with AQ too and came 16th!! we are cursed by the Queens! I was even thinking about it, even in a freeroll when 2 people went all in preflop i folded my AJ. And AQ won. So although we didnt cash out and make the final table we all did really well and played our best.. and we still celebrated with some tasty Korean BBQ.....

Afterwards we went home to play mahjong/carribean stud/3cardpoker/blackjack/bacarat drinking games and got completley wankered, (especially Mr Black) before going to the Fashion Club at Fishermans Wharf.

It was a good night, C-Red performed on stage with MC Khaki and we danced the night away.. we didnt get back til 5 in the morning and we had the Sunday $100 Rebuy madness at 3.30pm!! So we got up completley hung over (especially MR Black) and made our way to the Grand Waldo. It is sad to say today was the last day until they re open for the Macau Poker Cup on March 19th. But the whole pokerstars team is going to move somewhere else.. noooo!!!!!! Because it was the last day they let us play as many $100 Rebuy games as we want til 2am. Jack Nicholson actually came 1st in the original $100 Rebuy. This is Jack Nicholson...

'You cant handle the truth!' says Jack Nicholson.

And Because it was the last day we took some photos!

I came 2nd in one game winning $670 and Mr Black came 1st winning $1,350. Then i came first in another $100 rebuy game with the most rebuys winning $2,490!!! Huuraahhhhhhh!!!

The Golden Ticket!


  1. aww.. well done! mmmm... food looks tasty..

  2. haha if i posted them they wud go mouldy by the time they arrive! Oh, they sell krispy kremes in Hk tho!! yeah i tried beard papa, i think we almost went there last time i came to london but we decided not to cause we were starving ourselves for the sushi buffet!!! mmmmm.....

  3. I wish I was as good as you! =D