Thursday, February 19, 2009

Be Paitent

Last night i played a $10 Rebuy online on Full Tilt there were 589 entrants, i wasnt getting many hands in the beginning but then started doubling up quite often and then tripling up! After the rebuy period was over, i had about 10,000 chips and chip leader was 17,000. The first prize was huge.. $1879 and top 15 people get paid. 15th place gets five times your buy in back so thats not bad. After 4 long hours and playing super tight, I was doing well and then there were 17 players left and i was in 5th place with 37,000 chips, chip leader has 80,000!

So i get pocket jacks and min raise with them, chip leader re raises 4 times bigger and i actually didnt think at all and just thought hes trying to steal my chips. So i re raise him my stack of 37,000, he snap calls and shows pocket aces. I was so pissed off at myself, 2 place from the bubble and i couldnt sit my ass down and just wait!!! That was a huge mistake i did there, i just threw my chips away! I absolutley regret i did that and Im still annoyed about it now. Paitence is KEY in poker. I thought i was being paitent but it wasnt enough.

Anyway right now im playing a $2 game and i am 6th place and top 15 get paid and guess what, 15 people left! so im in the bubble! yessssss! Mistake from yesterday learnt! Chip leader has a stupid ammount of chips though, its going to be a tough one. This one hand could of made me chip leader but c-red just came back from basketball and rung the doorbell so it kind of distracted me, although it was a sticky situation, what would you of done?

This was when there was 22 players left, 15 get paid.. This is what i did, i min raised and get 2 callers, the flop comes and the guy on my left goes all in, the other guy goes all in.. so im thinking shit, one of them has definatley hit the straight. And if i lose they cover me so i'll be knocked out.. So i fold my lovely 2 pair.. and they show this.... and i would of won!!!!!!!!!!!
What would you do?

Another hand i got dealt KQ, short stack goes all in pre-flop for about 7,000.. so i call.. thank God for the river!!! Anyway need to concentrate on my game, i just folded jacks.. painful but its for the best. And remember folks... Its ok if you lose, aslong as you play every hand without regret.

Just finished the game and came 11th which sucks because i didnt pay attention to the other stacks! I was actually 6th place out of 11 and I thought i was short stack so i pushed with my pocket 5's, and not only that, chip leader calls me with Ace9 and 4KKJJ comes on the board which means my pocket 5's dont mean shit all!!!!
So i got $12, 6 times my buyin so thats ok.

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  1. aww man.. u mean u cuda waited for 2 other ppl to lose? and just hold on and get paid?! oh well... oh yeah, coral lipstick, that would be nice! let me know if u get some i wana seee..!