Thursday, February 5, 2009

I want that husky!

Me and C-Red went to town today and walked on the street that sells puppies, and i came across a beautiful siberian Husky which was 4months old. It was in a box with his head poking out the window, it was so adorable!! C-Red and I both being Dog lovers really wanted it and asked the owner how much she said $7,500HKD but knocked it to $5,500HKD which was very tempting.. The thing is we wont be home too often and we will be travelling a lot so its just gonna be stuck at home all day long and its not fair. So after playing with it for 20minutes we sadly had to leave it.. but after i win a big tournament im definatley going to buy one and also a white pomerarnian and a shibu inu and a Chowchow and a toypoodle. After wondering around we walked to get the bus to Grand Waldo for the Freeroll.

We arrived on time and got our seats, C-Red, Mr Black and I all bought a lucky ball which are in different stones and each one has a individual special power. My ball of course was Jade and had the meaning of Good fortune and success. So each time we enter a tournament we will have our balls out hoping they will bring some good luck. There was a girl on my left who didnt know how to play and folded her big blinds 3 times. But suprisingly she became big stack as beginners always do!
Heel came around the tables giving out t shirts with macau red dragon cup poker on them! and he gave me XXS which was very flattering but to be honest i think it will be a bit too tight lol! Luckily they had XXL for C-Red!

My first hand came Pocket Kings and it was just me and big blind in the pot. I call and big blind checks. The flop came 7JJ, Big Blind checks and i raise 300. Big Blind folds. After about 30minutes of no hands i bled quite abit and had to push, i get K!10 diamonds and push all in, big stack calls me showing AJ. The flop comes 10,8,5 Turn 4 River 8. Big stack doubles me up! After waiting a bit for others to bleed out, it was already the final table, me and C-Red were short stack! Short stack power! lol. I got pocket 8's and pushed all in, a guy calls with AJ and hits his Jack. C-Red went all in with 79 and gets 3 callers. All showing AK, AQ and pocket 6's, C-Red hits his 9 and triples up! After that hand C-Red went all in again with AJ, and he hits his Jack and doubles up again. Then he goes all in with A2 against KQ and hits his A on the river. So now C-Red has quite a lot of chips and there are 3 players left. Chip leader goes all in and C-Red looks at one card and its an ace, he calls and turns the other card.. a King! and chip leader shows A6! C-Red is feeling good...The Flop comes 683, turn Q and River a Q!!!So there you have it, C-Red came 3rd place and we both got our tickets to Sundays $100 Rebuy Madness. Oh well time to try again tomorrow!

Last night i played a Freeroll $10Daily on SC, and came 2nd! Yaye! I was chip leader all the way through and did a stupid call when i was headsup because i thought the system was helping me win lol! but it was a silly call which made me lose most of my chips then the system helped the other player,lol! Congrats! Good Game.

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