Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jack Nicholson's Jacks.

Today Mr Black, C-Red and I went to the sunday $100 rebuy tournament! Before we left we did the lucky cat shake to the lucky cats in our cabinet. There were some newbys today, its good to know poker is growing even more in Macau. Its funny how people are much friendlier in live games than online games, people take it so personal even when its a freeroll! Anyways during the rebuy period I went all in pre flop with AJ and Jack Nicholson called me with KQ the flop came J,10,4 and i thought oh shit he has a straight draw... the turn comes an 8 and the river an ACE! giving mr jack nicholson a straight. He couldnt believe it either and i knew it because its Jack Nicholson, the jack gave him luck! Then Jack Nicholson went all in pre flop with AJ against AK and the flop came A,7,Q the turn a K and the river a 10!!! Giving Jack Nicholson the straight again on the river!!! Then another hand 3 people were all in and Jack Nicholson being one of them, one had AK one had AQ and Jack Nicholson obviously had pocket Jacks and what comes on the flop? a jack. Jack Nicholson and his Jacks! Be Warned!

The next hand i got was pocket 4's, now i like 4's as its my lucky number. I raised to 300 and got 2 callers, the flop came 3,5,6 rainbow giving me an open ended straight draw. This guy checks , the next guy raises to 400 and i think for a minute.. and push all in with a stack about 2,000 chips. The guy thinks and looks at his hand again and s.l.o.w.l.y folds. Another hand i got was KJ clubs and i have about 3,500 chips. I min raise and the guy goes all in with 1,000 chips and Jack Nicholson goes all in so now im thinking i dont want to regret folding my KJ like last week so i call. The guy has AJ offsuit and Jack Nicolson has AQ offsuit both had no clubs. So i shouted 'GIVE ME CLUBS' and the flop came 4,8,6 clubs!!! YEHHHH i cheered! the turn came a 9s and river a 9h. So now i have 8,000 chips and then i get pocket 66's, i tried to steal from the small stacks, one had 1,300 and the other 2,600 and i push all in they both call and one shows A3 and the other AK, they dont hit and i take short stacks out.

Then it was the final 2 tables and i am above average with about 12,000 chips in total. I am big blind and i get J3 hearts, this chinese newby wanted to raise but he string betted so he had to take it back and just call. The flop comes 6,4,8 hearts. I check, this guy checks and newby raises to 1000. I reraised to 4000. The guy folds and the newby folds. Now if he raised preflop properly i would of folded my hand. And i bet biggish because i didnt want another heart to flop incase he had a higher one. So im pretty much chip leader on the table now with 15,000 chips, and then my next hand i got Q10 and i was in a pot with black shirt guy. He raises to 1500 preflop and i call him. The flop comes Q,9,8 rainbow and i check it to him. He goes all in and has 5,000 chips.. so im thinking i have top pair with a straight draw and its only 5,000 chips so i call and he turns over pocket Kings...!!! I need a Jack! but the turn came an 8 and the river a K giving black shirt a fullhouse. Lesson learnt, never chase a gutshot straight when your in chip lead. No point really.

I get moved to even out the tables and join mr black and C-Red.. who are both doing well and are in chip lead of over 15,000 chips. I bled a little as the blinds were huge and had about 6,000 chips left. I go all in with K10 spades and this guy calls me with JQ diamonds the flop came Jc,9h,4c the turn a 2s and the river an ace of spades. So i came 12th place in the tournament. Mr black and C-Red made it to the final table and Mr Black came 7th and C-Red cashed out 5th place. For those of you that dont know, C-Red was the one who actually taught and got me into poker. You can check out his blogs at! After the tournament we went to Cafe E.s.kimo and had a bite and bubble tea and now im playing an online tournament on Full tilt and currently i am 6th place out of 386 people! Not bad! 36 people get paid so wish me luck!

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