Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Curse of AQ

Yesterday C-Red, Mr Black and i went to the 150K Guarantee at Starworld Casino. It was $500 rebuy for the first 2 hours and there were 92 entrants. I ended up on the same table as Mr Black. Crazy Mr Black went all in blind first hand and had a caller who also called blindly and so i decided to join and call. Mr Black shows Q6 off suit, this other guy shows Q8 off suit and i have A9 spades putting me ahead. The flop came 3,5,3 turn 2 river 7 giving me an instant triple up!!! Great start!!

Here is a hand i remember playing.. Blinds were 100/200, i have about 8,000 chips (chip leader on my table) and i called in late position Q10 hearts. 4 other people were in the pot. The flop came 3h6h3d, they all check and i raise to 600, 2 call and the rest folds, and the turn comes a 5h. Small blind checks it and Glasses guy checks it, i raise to 800, small blind calls and glasses guy ships his stack of 1450, i call 650 more and small blind calls too. There is no way they had the full house i thought to myself, small blind looks nervous and the river comes a Ace of hearts.. so im thinking hmmmmmmmmmmm, small blind checks it and i check. Small blind shows 65 for 2 pair, glasses guy shows 24 for the straight but i win with the flush and take the pot.

It was end of the rebuy period and i have about 14,000 chips. Average stack is 9,000. Now everyone plays 'properly' and the atmosphere died and went quiet. Didnt really play much hands and said to myself- be paitent! I bled a little and stole a little back and then there was 30 players left. Mr Black, C-Red and myself all made it to the final 3 tables! I Get AQ and it was probably my best hand i had so far so i raise it 2 times the big blind and get one caller. I didnt hit the flop and checked it to him and he checked, and the turn came nothing so i checked it again (wrong move) and he raised 3,000 and covered his face with his hands. I didnt believe him but i folded. What i did wrong was i didnt do the continuation bet on the flop, and lost 1/4 of my stack! I hate AQ. After that Mr Black goes raises preflop with AQ and chip leader re raises him!! Mr Black ships his stack and chip leader calls and he shows AK! They didnt hit the board so AK won the whole of Mr Blacks stack of about 23,000 chips and knocked Mr Black out 24th place. I had about 7,000 chips and the blinds were 800/1600 plus 200 ante so i had to make a move, i was small blind and everyone folded to me so i go all in with K9 to steal against another short stack but he has 1,000 more than me. He calls and shows A4 and hits his 4 on the river so i got knocked out 23rd place.

C-Red went all in with AQ pre flop and huge chip leader goes all in and then this guy goes all in with about average stack and says he wants to win the side pot?! So chip leader shows A9, and the guy shows AJ so C-Red is ahead with AQ. The flop comes 4,7,J the turn a Q... and the river a ....JACK!!!! Sickening!! So C-Red got knocked out with AQ too and came 16th!! we are cursed by the Queens! I was even thinking about it, even in a freeroll when 2 people went all in preflop i folded my AJ. And AQ won. So although we didnt cash out and make the final table we all did really well and played our best.. and we still celebrated with some tasty Korean BBQ.....

Afterwards we went home to play mahjong/carribean stud/3cardpoker/blackjack/bacarat drinking games and got completley wankered, (especially Mr Black) before going to the Fashion Club at Fishermans Wharf.

It was a good night, C-Red performed on stage with MC Khaki and we danced the night away.. we didnt get back til 5 in the morning and we had the Sunday $100 Rebuy madness at 3.30pm!! So we got up completley hung over (especially MR Black) and made our way to the Grand Waldo. It is sad to say today was the last day until they re open for the Macau Poker Cup on March 19th. But the whole pokerstars team is going to move somewhere else.. noooo!!!!!! Because it was the last day they let us play as many $100 Rebuy games as we want til 2am. Jack Nicholson actually came 1st in the original $100 Rebuy. This is Jack Nicholson...

'You cant handle the truth!' says Jack Nicholson.

And Because it was the last day we took some photos!

I came 2nd in one game winning $670 and Mr Black came 1st winning $1,350. Then i came first in another $100 rebuy game with the most rebuys winning $2,490!!! Huuraahhhhhhh!!!

The Golden Ticket!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Be Paitent

Last night i played a $10 Rebuy online on Full Tilt there were 589 entrants, i wasnt getting many hands in the beginning but then started doubling up quite often and then tripling up! After the rebuy period was over, i had about 10,000 chips and chip leader was 17,000. The first prize was huge.. $1879 and top 15 people get paid. 15th place gets five times your buy in back so thats not bad. After 4 long hours and playing super tight, I was doing well and then there were 17 players left and i was in 5th place with 37,000 chips, chip leader has 80,000!

So i get pocket jacks and min raise with them, chip leader re raises 4 times bigger and i actually didnt think at all and just thought hes trying to steal my chips. So i re raise him my stack of 37,000, he snap calls and shows pocket aces. I was so pissed off at myself, 2 place from the bubble and i couldnt sit my ass down and just wait!!! That was a huge mistake i did there, i just threw my chips away! I absolutley regret i did that and Im still annoyed about it now. Paitence is KEY in poker. I thought i was being paitent but it wasnt enough.

Anyway right now im playing a $2 game and i am 6th place and top 15 get paid and guess what, 15 people left! so im in the bubble! yessssss! Mistake from yesterday learnt! Chip leader has a stupid ammount of chips though, its going to be a tough one. This one hand could of made me chip leader but c-red just came back from basketball and rung the doorbell so it kind of distracted me, although it was a sticky situation, what would you of done?

This was when there was 22 players left, 15 get paid.. This is what i did, i min raised and get 2 callers, the flop comes and the guy on my left goes all in, the other guy goes all in.. so im thinking shit, one of them has definatley hit the straight. And if i lose they cover me so i'll be knocked out.. So i fold my lovely 2 pair.. and they show this.... and i would of won!!!!!!!!!!!
What would you do?

Another hand i got dealt KQ, short stack goes all in pre-flop for about 7,000.. so i call.. thank God for the river!!! Anyway need to concentrate on my game, i just folded jacks.. painful but its for the best. And remember folks... Its ok if you lose, aslong as you play every hand without regret.

Just finished the game and came 11th which sucks because i didnt pay attention to the other stacks! I was actually 6th place out of 11 and I thought i was short stack so i pushed with my pocket 5's, and not only that, chip leader calls me with Ace9 and 4KKJJ comes on the board which means my pocket 5's dont mean shit all!!!!
So i got $12, 6 times my buyin so thats ok.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jade cashes out first place on FullTilt

Yesterday i cashed out first place in my first Sit and go online on Full tilt! and i also came 1st on a satallite and got a seat to the $200K double deuce game on sunday. Yayeee!!!!

This saturday i have the Live 150K game at Starworld Casino and its a very important one. I really hope i and the crew will get far.. Wish me lots of luck! Oh yeah and the freerolls are back online on pokerstars (thank God), they just forgot to put it up last time! Also the live freerolls at Grand Waldo are going to be deep stack games, thursday is 2000 chips and friday is 1500. Originally it was 1000 chips both days! so should be interesting!

Also Check out C-Reds blog ( he has designed the Got Rice crew characters and i love me!! Well i like all of them, he is so talented. :)

I have been missing home lately, apart from the weather i do miss sukie, and my family, river island and topshop, cinema at wandsworth, rambo and our funny outings, even going on the train to waterloo lol. London nightlife a little bit, just because macau is so rubbish. All the clubs here are rubbish. When i went to WHY Club, they did some really good music there, need to go there again! C-Red will be working with top organisation BANANA in Hong Kong and Macau :) so at least Macau nightlife will be improving. Watch out for him!

This is me and my big sister. I ღ this photo and i ღ her :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jack Nicholson's Jacks.

Today Mr Black, C-Red and I went to the sunday $100 rebuy tournament! Before we left we did the lucky cat shake to the lucky cats in our cabinet. There were some newbys today, its good to know poker is growing even more in Macau. Its funny how people are much friendlier in live games than online games, people take it so personal even when its a freeroll! Anyways during the rebuy period I went all in pre flop with AJ and Jack Nicholson called me with KQ the flop came J,10,4 and i thought oh shit he has a straight draw... the turn comes an 8 and the river an ACE! giving mr jack nicholson a straight. He couldnt believe it either and i knew it because its Jack Nicholson, the jack gave him luck! Then Jack Nicholson went all in pre flop with AJ against AK and the flop came A,7,Q the turn a K and the river a 10!!! Giving Jack Nicholson the straight again on the river!!! Then another hand 3 people were all in and Jack Nicholson being one of them, one had AK one had AQ and Jack Nicholson obviously had pocket Jacks and what comes on the flop? a jack. Jack Nicholson and his Jacks! Be Warned!

The next hand i got was pocket 4's, now i like 4's as its my lucky number. I raised to 300 and got 2 callers, the flop came 3,5,6 rainbow giving me an open ended straight draw. This guy checks , the next guy raises to 400 and i think for a minute.. and push all in with a stack about 2,000 chips. The guy thinks and looks at his hand again and s.l.o.w.l.y folds. Another hand i got was KJ clubs and i have about 3,500 chips. I min raise and the guy goes all in with 1,000 chips and Jack Nicholson goes all in so now im thinking i dont want to regret folding my KJ like last week so i call. The guy has AJ offsuit and Jack Nicolson has AQ offsuit both had no clubs. So i shouted 'GIVE ME CLUBS' and the flop came 4,8,6 clubs!!! YEHHHH i cheered! the turn came a 9s and river a 9h. So now i have 8,000 chips and then i get pocket 66's, i tried to steal from the small stacks, one had 1,300 and the other 2,600 and i push all in they both call and one shows A3 and the other AK, they dont hit and i take short stacks out.

Then it was the final 2 tables and i am above average with about 12,000 chips in total. I am big blind and i get J3 hearts, this chinese newby wanted to raise but he string betted so he had to take it back and just call. The flop comes 6,4,8 hearts. I check, this guy checks and newby raises to 1000. I reraised to 4000. The guy folds and the newby folds. Now if he raised preflop properly i would of folded my hand. And i bet biggish because i didnt want another heart to flop incase he had a higher one. So im pretty much chip leader on the table now with 15,000 chips, and then my next hand i got Q10 and i was in a pot with black shirt guy. He raises to 1500 preflop and i call him. The flop comes Q,9,8 rainbow and i check it to him. He goes all in and has 5,000 chips.. so im thinking i have top pair with a straight draw and its only 5,000 chips so i call and he turns over pocket Kings...!!! I need a Jack! but the turn came an 8 and the river a K giving black shirt a fullhouse. Lesson learnt, never chase a gutshot straight when your in chip lead. No point really.

I get moved to even out the tables and join mr black and C-Red.. who are both doing well and are in chip lead of over 15,000 chips. I bled a little as the blinds were huge and had about 6,000 chips left. I go all in with K10 spades and this guy calls me with JQ diamonds the flop came Jc,9h,4c the turn a 2s and the river an ace of spades. So i came 12th place in the tournament. Mr black and C-Red made it to the final table and Mr Black came 7th and C-Red cashed out 5th place. For those of you that dont know, C-Red was the one who actually taught and got me into poker. You can check out his blogs at! After the tournament we went to Cafe E.s.kimo and had a bite and bubble tea and now im playing an online tournament on Full tilt and currently i am 6th place out of 386 people! Not bad! 36 people get paid so wish me luck!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Busted on my second hand

Yesterday i went to the freeroll, my first hand was AJ hearts. I just limped it and the flop came 8c,9s,4c i check this guy raises 300 and i fold and this new guy calls him. The turn comes a Kd, the guy goes all in and newby calls. Guy has pocket Queens and newby has K7 with no flush draw. The river comes a 5d.
Next hand i have K8 and im big blind. There are 5 people in the pot and i check it. The flop comes kd,8d,Qs.. so i hit 2 pair. I check it and this guy raises 200, 2 fold.. and i re raise to 400, this newby guy calls and the guy who raised folds. The turn comes an Ace of spades. I push all in to scare and newby guy calls it, newby guy has 10Q diamonds. The river had to come a Jack of diamonds giving newby a straight and a flush. So i was busted. Even if i pushed on the flop, he said he would of called me.

Anyways i was talking to my sister about the kind of dogs we want and i want a chow chow and possibly make it look like a panda. Like this:

And i also want a pomeranian and make it look like this:

And i want a husky too...

Awww isnt it cute? :)

Ive been grinding online for the past couple of days, i keep getting bad beats which pisses me off! And almost always no one calls when i have Aces. Dam it.
Oh yeh and Happy Valentines!!!!<3

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Mysterious Legend

Yesterday Mr Blacks old friend came around to visit and we all went for another Korean BBQ, this time for lunch! I didnt take any pictures but this is when we had korean BBQ for Mr Blacks Bday about 2 years ago.. Look at all the foooodd... Don't ask why my face is like that... i dont know..

Anyways later on i played an online freeroll with a prizepool of $10 and i came 1st!! It was a tense little game and i won a nice $7. Yeseterday I started my extreme running, there is a stadium just around the corner from my apartment and it has a tennis court and a gym and its all free! If i knew this earlier i would of lost a bit of weight by now, but oh well. Today i ate porridge with honey and going to go running in a bit. Legend is coming round today and i hope the food isnt toooo nice otherwise i will be tempted... Legend is my cook and i call her legend purely because she is one.. when it comes to cooking and where she gets the food from.. i will never know..

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The china woman that gives me evils... and todays freeroll

Hello! i am waiting for an online tournament so thought i'd just update you with my day. This early afternoon, Mr Black, C-Red and i went to eat somewhere nearby and i ordered yang zhou fried rice, and the portions were hugeeeeeeeeee! Like 4 bowls of rice on one plate.. we all didnt finish our dishes and were full up!!!!!!! Then we made our way to the Grand Waldo..

It was the $100Rebuy Madness today and there were quite a lot of people today, the annoying china woman with the donkey came! There were also alot of new faces. And i had to be put on the same table as the china woman, i swear she always gives me evils. There was also this new girl on the table who won quite a bit but kept raising bare and bullying everyone when i knew she didnt have anything. There was one pot when it was just her and the china woman and china woman is small blind so she calls and has only got 300chips left so the new girl raises her all in and she folds like a madwoman as if shes trying to break the table with her cards and has a bitch fit! lol it was hilarious. I used my ticket from the freeroll and gave my other one to Mr Black to use. Anyways we all had our power balls out on our tables, and here are a few hands i remember playing...

I have pocket Kings and i limp, the flop comes 2,K,3 Rainbow.. the guy to my left goes all in with about 350, i call and he shows k8. So i win a little pot. Then im the button and i get K10 hearts and push all in to steal, but i get a caller and he turns over pocket 4's.. 'thats my lucky number' i told him.. and i rivered my 10.
Next i get KJ offsuit and have about 6000 chips above average. This guy raises pre flop to 1200, i call and then this guys goes all in with about 4000.. the guy who raised instantly calls and gives me the impression hes got an amazing hand.. so i fold my lucky KJ, The guy all in flips over pocket 7s and the other guy A8 offsuit... the flop comes 6d,5h,Qd turn an Ah and river a 10d !!!!!!!! 'Oh my god..I would of won with a straight!!' I cried out. That really pissed me off, and the guy who called is china womans friend which annoyed me a little more.

Then there was a 10minute break and about 19 players left. I sit back on my table and get KJ hearts.. i already made up my mind i was going to push all in but i was small blind and then the idiot that called my all in last friday with 10,3 when i had Aces.. goes all in and he has over 10,000 chips but it didnt occur to me and i just kept thinking about 10,3.. So i called and he turns over AQ diamonds. and the flop comes an ace of course followed by three 8's giving him the nuts. He said sorry to me as i left the table. I think i was still frustrated when i didnt call my KJ the last hand so that made me call my KJ this time which i didnt take the time to think through enough, shouldnt go against someone bigger stack than you when they can take you out.. Plus i was above average stack so i should of folded and waited.
Oh well 2 mistakes learnt from todays game. I do think i was playing a little too tight today and then when i get something nice i fucked it up.

Im gonna start grinding online and become Mr Blacks predejae, i think thats how you spell it.. and hopefully i will make over $100,000USD a year from it which is one hundred thousand times more than my wage before. My website is almost done and its green! Also I have set myself a goal to lose at least 17 lbs in 3weeks, Im going to start extreme running tomorrow at the stadium and then go on a liquid diet for a few days.. lets see how that goes...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Biography

My name is Rachel Tsang and I was born in Birmingham on the 4th october 1988. I was raised in Hertfordshire and then I moved to London at the age of 17. I am a devoted christian and for 2 years I worked as a Personal Assistant for a music producer who never paid me. I got by, in doing part time leafletting jobs and club promoting as i never got any income from the P.A Work, and i was fortunate enough to have a friend who let me stay at their house for free. After having this bad experience in the music industry, I decided to quit and become a professional poker player and was given the opportunity to be apart of the 'Got Rice' poker crew which consists of Mr Black, C-Red and I. I met Mr Black through C-Red about 3years ago, we would always find Mr Black on the slot machines gambling away £1000 an hour and watch him play away, everytime he won £5 i would be amazed! Everytime he wins or loses he would treat C-Red and i to a lovely meal and we would chat away for ages as we had so much in common. It was Mr Black who got C-Red addicted to Poker, after a while it spread onto me.

Now Mr Black is a poker teacher aswel as a poker player and always said I had potential and can see me becoming huge as there isnt a lot of young female asian poker players out there. At first I thought can I really do it? But then I realise, it is something I really enjoy doing and to make a living out of it is a dream. Ive always lived my life on the edge and didnt finish school and quit a lot of things, because i wasnt happy doing it. I now know that all i ever wanted was to be happy, and no odinary job would fufill that.. so thats why im playing poker.

Jade is my poker name.

The first time I found out about Poker was when I was around C-Reds house, and his whole family was playing poker with 10p'S. I didn't quite get it at first but learnt as I joined in, it was fun and addictive. Later on C-Red played at his friends house for £20 buy in wheras I watched and educated myself even more. I didn't really take it seriously until C-Red started holding home games and his friends would bring their friends and play, I thought I'd give it a go and played too. I would find myself getting quite far in the game and everyone would say how scared and intimidated they are of me, purely because I am a female. I realised that poker was something I really enjoyed doing and it gives me a lot of excitment and thrill.

One day I went to the Gutshot in Barbican and tried a tournament, it was my first ever tournament outside of home and I was very nervous. 99% were male players so I felt dreadfully demoralized and tense. I didn't play very well for my first time but I kept trying and the more I lost the more determined I was to play more to win. Plus it never bored me once and every hand is different and also a learning curve for me. I played at the Empire casino and also the Vic in London, I tried playing cash games but I prefer tournaments because in my opinion tournament requires more skill and its less agressive. One time I came 9th in a £50 Rebuy tournament in the Empire Casino out of 78 runners and felt really happy I made it that far. Unfortunatley I was 2 off from being in the bubble but it didn't really bother me, because it was a step closer to getting better.

Now I am currently in China playing professonally and still learning as I play. I plan to make it to the big tournaments from freerolls and get to where the big players are. I have come 1st and 2nd several times in $10 tournaments from freerolls. I play often at the Grand Waldo in Taipa, from the freerolls I have won every single time and come in the bubble to get my ticket to the $100 Buyin Game on Sundays. I have come 6th twice in $100 Tournament without no rebuys or add ons. I recently won a freeroll online to a live 75K Guarantee Game and a qualifier to a $30k Guarantee Online from a freeroll. I have come 2nd in a $10K Guarantee Tournament live at the Grand Waldo and cashed out.

My dream is to cash out big from a freeroll, and to make it to a final table in the APPT. I hope that one day poker can change my life and i will use the winnings to make everyone close to me happy. My favourite poker hand is King Jack suited and my lucky poker hand is Jack 9 and pocket 4's. I would also like to be remembered as an asian female poker player.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Shopping in Senedo Square.. and todays freeroll

Today i wanted to buy a pair of shorts that i can wear with anything so i came across these nice black ones in a shopping plaza next to the waffle stand in Senedo Square. I looked at the tag and it was Medium size so i tried them on, which i duno why i bothered cause my gut feeling says they wont fit annnnnnd they didnt, these shops are 99% always selling one size peices. So i browsed around some more shops and spotted a really cute boutique and went inside. They had some really unique styles and i picked a black one with a pink bow and a red and black checkered one and asked the shop assistant if they had large and they said nope, so i didnt bother looking at the price tag and tried them on knowing that they wont fit, but to my suprise.. they did! what a miracle! I was very pleased and asked for the price.. she turns over the price tag... $699!!!!!!!! Thats about £69 for a pair of shorts! The whole idea of me shopping in Senedo Square was to find some cheap clothes or for a decent price especially in China. I really liked the shorts though but its not worth 69quid.. ive not spent 60quid on a pair of jeans before let alone a pair of shorts! Anyway i left the shop and went to the Freeerolllll!!!!!!!!!!

Today i have some really sore ulcers in my mouth so even when i speak or smile it kills me, i come across as a smiley bubbly person but today i was very quiet on the table and people told me to losen up..its just a freeroll!!! lol Anyways i got AK and called a persons raise of 550. the flop came nothing so i folded.. damn Ace King! Never flops for me. so i had 450 left. After my big and small blind i only have 300 left. I hold pocket 4s and being one of my favourite hands i had to push with it. So i get a caller and he flips over Pocket Queens... ooo.. Ok so the flop came 6,2,8.... turn an 8.... river a.............. 4!!!! yaye! i knew it! So i got 900 chips and the next hand i get is pocket AA! I limp and the next person raises and one calls, i push all in and they both call. The flop came 8,4,Q the guy pushes all in and the one that raised folds his AJ. He turns over 10,3???!?!?!!?!?!?! and the turn comes a 3 and river a Q. So i managed to triple up again!
And then it came to the final table and i came a lovely 5th place, and got another ticket for sunday's $100 Rebuy Game which im going to sell for 50 bucks .. anyone interested?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I want that husky!

Me and C-Red went to town today and walked on the street that sells puppies, and i came across a beautiful siberian Husky which was 4months old. It was in a box with his head poking out the window, it was so adorable!! C-Red and I both being Dog lovers really wanted it and asked the owner how much she said $7,500HKD but knocked it to $5,500HKD which was very tempting.. The thing is we wont be home too often and we will be travelling a lot so its just gonna be stuck at home all day long and its not fair. So after playing with it for 20minutes we sadly had to leave it.. but after i win a big tournament im definatley going to buy one and also a white pomerarnian and a shibu inu and a Chowchow and a toypoodle. After wondering around we walked to get the bus to Grand Waldo for the Freeroll.

We arrived on time and got our seats, C-Red, Mr Black and I all bought a lucky ball which are in different stones and each one has a individual special power. My ball of course was Jade and had the meaning of Good fortune and success. So each time we enter a tournament we will have our balls out hoping they will bring some good luck. There was a girl on my left who didnt know how to play and folded her big blinds 3 times. But suprisingly she became big stack as beginners always do!
Heel came around the tables giving out t shirts with macau red dragon cup poker on them! and he gave me XXS which was very flattering but to be honest i think it will be a bit too tight lol! Luckily they had XXL for C-Red!

My first hand came Pocket Kings and it was just me and big blind in the pot. I call and big blind checks. The flop came 7JJ, Big Blind checks and i raise 300. Big Blind folds. After about 30minutes of no hands i bled quite abit and had to push, i get K!10 diamonds and push all in, big stack calls me showing AJ. The flop comes 10,8,5 Turn 4 River 8. Big stack doubles me up! After waiting a bit for others to bleed out, it was already the final table, me and C-Red were short stack! Short stack power! lol. I got pocket 8's and pushed all in, a guy calls with AJ and hits his Jack. C-Red went all in with 79 and gets 3 callers. All showing AK, AQ and pocket 6's, C-Red hits his 9 and triples up! After that hand C-Red went all in again with AJ, and he hits his Jack and doubles up again. Then he goes all in with A2 against KQ and hits his A on the river. So now C-Red has quite a lot of chips and there are 3 players left. Chip leader goes all in and C-Red looks at one card and its an ace, he calls and turns the other card.. a King! and chip leader shows A6! C-Red is feeling good...The Flop comes 683, turn Q and River a Q!!!So there you have it, C-Red came 3rd place and we both got our tickets to Sundays $100 Rebuy Madness. Oh well time to try again tomorrow!

Last night i played a Freeroll $10Daily on SC, and came 2nd! Yaye! I was chip leader all the way through and did a stupid call when i was headsup because i thought the system was helping me win lol! but it was a silly call which made me lose most of my chips then the system helped the other player,lol! Congrats! Good Game.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jade cashes out in $10K Guarantee!!!!

Today i woke up at 2pm, really late.. as the $100 Rebuy madness tournament was at 3.30pm! So i dragged myself out of bed and got ready to go, Mr Black, C-Red and I left about 3.15pm and C-Red and myself prayed to the lucky cat before we departed.We have a lucky cat in a cabinet because we cashed out in a $10K Guarantee tournament before, and each time we cash out we are going to buy another lucky cat, the bigger the tournament the bigger the cat! We all just woke up so we wanted to grab a quick bite to eat, normally we would get the roast meat with rice and veg but Jason said I wasnt allowed because Im on a diet so we went to Soo's Kitchen which sells really nice Vietnamese style noodles. We slurped it as fast as we could and made our way to the Waldo.

We got there and we were placed on different tables, i used my $100 Ticket which i won from a freeroll 2 days before. The best hand i got was AQ unsuited, i pushed all in, but no one called, it got to the 2 final tables fairly quickly and i was moved to Mr Blacks table. The blinds were 300/600 and I had King clubs and Queen of diamonds and raised to 1500, one called me. The flop came 9, K, 4 Diamonds. I looked at his face and could tell straight away he was mortified of the flush on board, i instantly represented the flush but had Top pair and shipped my stack in which was about 4,500 below average- 6,000. He has more chips than me and he thinks for a long time, mumbling to himself and trying to work out the odds. Finally he calls and turns over pocket 10s with one diamond. The turn came Ace clubs and river an Ace spades, short stack doubled up! After that i was big blind and had Q10. I checked the big blind and the flop comes 2,10,7 rainbow. I raise to 600, one guy calls me, the turn comes a 5 and i check, the guy raises to 1000, i think and then call. The River comes a 2. I push all in, the guy thinks and folds and shows me Q10!!! I am over the moon! After that hand i was up about 10,000 and above average stack.

Mr black did some crazy moves during the tournament but somehow managed to get to chip leader! C-Red got unlucky and flopped 2 pair J2 but the guy put him all in, of course he called, the guy shows AK and what comes on the turn and the river?? AK!! Sickening! C-Red came out 16th and me and Mr black were still in. After about 30minutes it was final table and Mr black and i made it! yes! I folded most hands in the beginning and let others take others out. Mr black took a few people out and was chip leader. It was the last 6, 1 more out for the bubble! This guy was short stack he had 3,000 chips left, a guy raises, short stack goes all in, the guy calls and turns over pocket 5s. short stack turns over AK!The flop comes 9,A,A!!! Short stack jumps for joy screaming happily 'YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS' the turn comes a 7 and the river ........... a 5!!!!!!!!!!! Giving pocket 5s a FULLHOUSE!! short stack goes bright red and cant believe his eyes.. a tear slowly falls down his cheek. He is in shock!! Thats what you get for celebrating a little too early.. make sure the person is completley dead before you celebrate!! dont want to burst your bubble, that was very harsh!!

So now we are in the bubble top 5! After a few minutes mr black takes short stack out and then its the 4 of us, mr black still in chip lead and us 3 with about the same ammount. Big blind guy raises.. i fold my pocket 7s, Mr Black pushes all in.. small blind folds, and big blind calls!!! Big blind shows AQ mr black shows AK! The flop comes A,Q,10.. Mr black stares at the board hard... the turn comes a K! Mr black is relieveeddd, the turn a 4. Mr black takes out 4th place! Later on small blind reveals he folded AK! So it was down to the final 3. And it was getting nowhere and because we are super nice people and i had a bigger stack than the other guy i decided to split 2nd and 3rd place with him while mr black takes the 1st prize money of $4000!! So i won 2nd place! My first cash out in a live tournament! Woppeee!!! Time to buy a lucky Cat!!!

Afterwards we celebrated at a Korean Restaurant and had the lovliest Korean BBQ which filled our bellys up then we went on a hunt for a lucky cat, we were browsing in random shops and came across a Mahjong table, we bought a mahjong set 2 weeks ago so we decided to get the table to go with it. After dropping the mahjong table back at the apartment we continued our hunt for the lucky cat! We went around taipa and then up to the venetian! There were no lucky cats anywhere, oh well just have to look tomorrow! I recentley won a qualifier to a 30K Guarantee game online and its on in 2 hours! Wish me luck!!