Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mulberry love

I love this bag soooo much im going to buy it. and the weirdest thing is.. my cousin who is 22 days older than me likes the exact same bag and i found out after i saw it in the flesh and randomly browsed her blog.. we have similar tastes, and there good!!

i like the gunmetal color more though.. sparkles like christmas... *sighs* I've also noticed a lot of high street brands like river island and accessorize have made their own copy to this bag too.

Was actually debating about buying designer handbags with my sisters boyfriend who blatently has no idea when it comes to fashion and quality. He doesnt get why I would pay £795 for this Mulberry bag when its just a bag.. Since working in retail for Radleys i now totally understand why its much more worth spending money on good quality goods.

It was recently my 22nd birthday and i had an amazing one this year! My sister made me my favourite.. Red velvet cupcakes!! and they were yum!! also my other friend made me 22 cupcakes with a candle in each one, bless her heart! Was really nice and im touched by her effort :) Thanks everyone for your sweet messages, they really made me smile! Thanks to my bestest cuz ani for the gifts, I LOVE YOU!

YUM <3

I got my hair cut yesterday and i was actually thinking of going really short like frankie from the saturdays and then i chickened out and thought its not really me...people were telling me they know me for my long hair which is quite funny.. so i got more layers and took quite a bit of length off still! and a side fringe! What do you think?

Muchos Love <3

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Greek Guys are hottttt

Hey fellow bloggers! sorry i havent blogged much been really busy just working my butt off! Anyways i just got back from a lovely holiday in Crete for my friends birthday, it was amazing! Beautiful and i miss it! Here are some pics from the hol.. enjoy!

In love with

Birthday Greek Goddess and moi

Pretty Horse

Birthday Girl!

<3 the sunset

before going out on a greek man hunt haha

At the Waterpark with our giant icecreams..yum


Amlyrida Beach

Thursday, March 25, 2010

eh eh eh eh eh eh ehhhhhhhh 2NE1!!!

eh eh eh eh eh eh ehhhhh you better ring the alarm!!!!

These korean girls are the boomdizzle!!!!!!!! They are becoming really big right now, I love everything about them, how each one of them are different and unique in their own way, Lurrrve their songs especially Fire and I dont care eh eh eh eh ehhhh and their style rocksssss!

Park Bom is hot, Dara is a cutie, CL has a sexy voice and Minji can bust a moveeeee!!

I so want Park Boms eyes...

What do you think?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Picture time

Hey everyone, today has been a long chillaxing day.. ate a donut with a cuppa tea mmmmmmm.. not sticking to my special k diet right now but who gives a shit! (me deep down) lol anywayss.. i thought i'd share some photos with you all that somewhat describes abit of my life so here goes...

This was a Masquerade Ballers Event that i hosted for, me and my co host Zoe

Me and Trina

Madame moi

Me with Events Organiser Wolfi

Raking in a massive pot!

Me playing poker on final table

Nights out

Yup i used to work at bars and make cocktails, here is me freepouring a bacardi coke

I LOVE Sashimi, so pretty and yummy

This korean pancake is the boomdizzle

Me in the countryside

Coat is from Topshop

And i was in a music video........ ok folks thats all!

I hope you found this interesting hahah

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fashion Blog Up!

Hey guys, spring is coming and its making me happy !! Cant wait to just bust out in my shorts, shades and sandals! CHhhyeeeaaaahh!! On an important note, I am proud to say my fashion blog is finally up and running, please take a look and become a follower! Comments would be much appreciated! :)

The link is

Many thanks and hope you all have a great day xx

Me in a cute coat i just bought from Topshop, can't see much of it but will post better pics later.... to be continued....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Falsies inspired look

How to do your eyes like this...

Hey everyone, i was looking at this picture and thought ooooh i would like to try it, so i gave my best attempt! And also made a tutorial for you lovelys if you would like to experiment this look sometime! Ideal for going out out and looking Fierce!! I love the way it is all about outlining your whole eye and making them VAVOOM and POP out for a very sharp sexy look.

OKAY so..
I used 3 basic things..

1. Bobbi brown gel eye liner
2. The Falsies Mascara by Maybelline New York
3. Maybelline's Glamour Browns Eyeshadow

a) So first of all dust your eyelid with a desired neutral colour, i chose a soft brown colour as i do luuurve my browns! I think greys would look nice but i didnt have a grey eyeshadow :(

b) Apply eyeshadow at the inner corners of your eye and below your bottom lashes

c) Draw a thin line with your eyeliner, above your upper lashes and extend it quite far out. Liquid eyeliner works best as it gives a more dark effect which you need to create the look.

d) Make sure you get the corners of your inner eye and continue it below your lower lashes as close as you can, and then meet it up to the top line to join them together. Don't worry if it isnt perfect you can clean it up afterwards! :)

e) Apply Mascara (and lots of it) to your lower lashes. Falsies is BEST!

f) Get a pair of eyelashes and stick them on, you can have it as dramatic as you like but i like these more natural ones that i always swear by. Remember to ALWAYS curl your own lashes first and then apply the false lashes so that you blend them together.

g) Now time to clean up!! get a cotton bud and make it slightly damp and take away any imperfections and tidy it up til your happy with it.

h) Viola! There you have it!

Im also wearing a nude lip colour by MAC, and my nail polish is Coral by Rimmel.. 'Get the London Look' ;)

My headband is from Accessorize

I hope this was easy to follow, give me feedback so i know, would be much appreciated! Im sure everybody will find it hard to take their eyes off you with this look ;)

I hope you all have a great day!