Monday, March 16, 2009


Finally back in the Uk and realising that i appreciate UK more, infact i missed it a lot, i missed home. As soon as i got into bed after the long hours of travelling, i felt like i was in paradise. The beds in macau are awful and i missed my bed and the feeling of being in comfort :)mmmmmmmm.. anyways i have been busy lately, here is a recent photoshoot i did..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Long time no blog

Hello everyone..As you may have noticed i havent blogged for a week!! It is because there are no more tournaments held at the Grand Waldo because they are preparing for the Macau Cup which starts on the 19th March. And i've just been playing online these past long days. I was playing the pokerstars freeroll for entry to satallite for the Macau Cup and i got to final table and came 8th out of 56 people and was totally gutted. 2 players get entry. Then i played some tournaments on Full Tilt and i did so well and then when i get cranky i do the stupidest things which lose my whole stack. Dont play poker when you: 1) havent slept 2) had an argument 3) dont feel your gonna win.

Anyways today the Got Rice crew decided to play some cash games at the Grand Lisboa, we saw some familiar faces from the Grand Waldo which was pleasant. I played short stack style and basically waited for a monster hand to shove all in with. I get AQ offsuit first hand, and i think......oh no.. but i call the raise of $100 and the flop comes 10,4,J rainbow. I dont wana chase a gutshot so i folded my hand. And the turn came another jack and the river a 6 so i was pleased. Then i get A10 and i fold it, then the hand straight after i get A10 again, i was thinking 'is this a sign to play you?' but i still fold it. And what comes on the flop A,Q, 10. Then i get pocket 10s and call a persons raise of $100 which leaves me with about $380 left. Mr Black is in the pot too.. The flop comes 8,J,7.. the one thing i dont wanna see.. the JACK!! but i bet all in $380. The guy who raised calls and mr black calls. The turn comes a 10 giving me trips so i thought i was good. The guy raised and mr black calls, the river comes a 2. The guy checks it and mr black raises, the guy calls. Mr black shows 69 also known as 'sexytime' for the straight, the guy shows pocket kings and cant believe his eyes that he has the 9. My trips got bust so mr black takes the pot.

Mr black managed to make $4,000 today and then i decided to play a few hands of carribean stud. I sit down and get my 5 cards.. K....4...A.......4... and 4!!! trips!! not bad and its my lucky number! And then what sucked balls was the dealer didnt qualify so i only got double my bet and ante, how ANNOYING!! After that we decided to play the new bruce lee slot machines, they look so cool, we all chose a machine and put 100 bucks in and played for the jackpot!! mr black was playing the highest bet and lines and got the bonus! In the end he made $1000 on the slots!!! I have a slight addiction to slots... We went home 5k up and now i am playing the $30k mega monthly on spadeclub... wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please. Tomorrow we shall hunt for another lucky cat.