Thursday, December 15, 2011

Upadating on the new blogger app!

Hey this is pretty easy. Let's post a pic and have a look.. Ok so I did it and I can't change the size hnmmmm...ooooohhhh found out how to change it....

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Just got back from a lovely holiday in Croatia. Its absolutely breath taking there and i would so go back! I miss the sun and beach already :( Back in gloomy London now. I am thinking about going abroad somewhere hot to work for a few months and enjoy the sun a bit more! :)

Friday, August 26, 2011


Love this Couture Fashion Look!

I'm Very excited for London Fashion Week coming up!
Check out my fashion blog

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Anita and Bonnies visit

 Hi everyone, ive had a hectic week! My cousin Anita also known as Ani also known as the panda girl epued came over for a visit and my other friend Bonnie from Ireland came too. So they arrived on friday night and we had to wake up next day really early for a wedding! They werent actually invited but i was allowed to bring them along! cant just leave them faffin about! haha. So yeah Vicky my dearest friend was getting married i got soo emotional as she walked down the aisle and it was beautiful!! Here are some pics from the wedding.

My big sis and me

Megan one of Vickys Bridesmaids and Anita my cousin

After the wedding the sun was blazing so after a spot of shopping at sainsburys we went back to my brothers to chill outtttt! Got ready to go out to KPop night at Lightbox in Vauxhall!
 Bonnie and me

Elaine and Anita

Anita won a G-Dragon and TOP CD!

Bonbon, me, ani and elaine

After a long night of partying we headed back to my bros stopped at a kebab house which took agesssssssssss and then next day i had another wedding to attend. The couple were beautiful!
I am still so shattered.. will post pics later!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Attention Fashionistars!

Hey guys sorry ive been busy lately attending a lot of interviews and stuff and yesterday Ive been offered an internship for PR Marketing at Jasper Garvida! check out his stuff here I am over the mooon!! Cant believe it! Things are definitely starting to look better for me :) Even though ive only just come across him recently I actually love his designs, so feminine and pretty!

Ive also been working on my other website now that i have more time on my hands, im going out there getting people for my website! If you haven't seen it, check it out and tell me what you think! Anyway i was doing some eBaying earlier selling my old clothes and i thought hey why dont i do a give away thingy on my blog! So i am! and the item is.........

This Graffiti Skirt that was actually designed by a fashion student at LCF and hit the stores at the popular high street store River Island. I was going to sell it but i am willing to give it away and all you have to do is email me a picture of you wearing a fashionable outfit and describe what your wearing and describe your style. You must be a follower and you must repost onto your blog! The best one shall win this beautiful skirt! Its a uk size 8 btw however its waist is quite elasticy and has a back zip.

Send your picture to

Good Luck!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Paris Baby!

Hey I recently went away to Paris for a lovely get away to play Poker at the Aviation, shopping! and did some sight seeing on a beautiful boat that took us around Paris while fine dining at the same time, amazing! Also went and visited the Eiffel Tower the view from up there is absolutely breath taking. SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I would of got some photos from up there but my phone ran out of batteries :( Paris does make you feel love sick especially when your special someone is'nt there with you..

au revoir!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Long weekend away

Hey!! Ive just been on an amazing hen do in Gran Canaria and the bride to be had no idea until we got there! It was a memorable trip and i hope Hienie (the hen) had a great time. Some pics from the Hen...

Roll on the champagne!!

you tell him hienie!

chug chug chuggg!

Me, the bride to be,Sian and Kajal

All of us!!!!

i had so MUCH FUN!!! I love you girls!!!

Btw Im wearing a little black dress with metal chains on the shoulders from Topshop :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

out with the old

Ola! Just came back from a hen do in gran canaria! had an awesome time!! Anyways Today i found some old clothes in my wardrobe and put them on together. What do you think?

Or this?

The short trousers are from hong kong i bought about 4 years ago, the top is topshop last year and the jacket also from topshop last christmas.. i matched it with my mums beige wedges

Im really into the vintage look at the moment.. went out today and bought some more items.. watch this space....

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fabulously fit!

I am soooo tired!! Been working out like a freak every day for the past 3 weeks! I'm off to gran canaria for a hen do and I'm determined to look good in a bikini!!! Ive been doing these hardcore full body workout on the ps3! Active fitness game! It really makes you sweat! Highly recommended! And me and my sis has been attending zumba classes! Its so fun! Like Salsa with a lot of beyonce uh oh uh oh uh oh oh no no butt shaking chest popping pumps!! So far I've lost 3kg! Hope to lose 5 more before 25th June! And it doesn't help that I had a sausage egg and cheese bagel this morning from mcdonalds!! Tasted really nice but the aftermath was depressing made me feel like crap! Why !!! Anways Wish me luck I need it!!!!! My sister has lost over a stone in 7 weeks I'm so proud of her! But now she's wearing a lot of my clothes ! Hmmm! And were both going to do the 5k run in London for charity! So please please sponsor me however little every penny counts! I'll have the link where you can do so very soon ! Ending on a good note.. It's a beautiful sunny day!!! Hello summer!! Yay!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hi all!!! It has been ages since i last wrote a blog! Oh my God!!! I literally dont have a life now i just work work and work! I thought i could start blogging again after i got an iphone but im so lazy and laptops are much easier! Well im back home at the moment and have 3 days off so i thought i would get back on it when i can! Actually was reading my cousins blog and kinda urged me to do it aswel.. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

So im gonna pretty much sum up what ive been doing since my last blog...

Ive been making a lot of these at work...

Had an urge to get a tattoo one day so i did it.

Went to a lovely engagement dinner! Girl on the left is getting married and shes 23!!!!!! young love <3

Spent a lot of time with the lovely boyfriend :)

I went to Ireland to visit my family a few weeks ago, it was a very nice break away ! BBQ, dim sum, circus, ice skating, cupcakes, kareoke, hot pot!!
Nice to see everyone and feel homey again! Really miss family times! Managed to fit a lot of stuff to do in 3 days! and then anita my cousin came back to london with me and my sis to do some eating, shopping and partying! fun times!!! and now i shall leave you with these.....

Red Velvet cupcakes.. Yom.