Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Anita and Bonnies visit

 Hi everyone, ive had a hectic week! My cousin Anita also known as Ani also known as the panda girl epued came over for a visit and my other friend Bonnie from Ireland came too. So they arrived on friday night and we had to wake up next day really early for a wedding! They werent actually invited but i was allowed to bring them along! cant just leave them faffin about! haha. So yeah Vicky my dearest friend was getting married i got soo emotional as she walked down the aisle and it was beautiful!! Here are some pics from the wedding.

My big sis and me

Megan one of Vickys Bridesmaids and Anita my cousin

After the wedding the sun was blazing so after a spot of shopping at sainsburys we went back to my brothers to chill outtttt! Got ready to go out to KPop night at Lightbox in Vauxhall!
 Bonnie and me

Elaine and Anita

Anita won a G-Dragon and TOP CD!

Bonbon, me, ani and elaine

After a long night of partying we headed back to my bros stopped at a kebab house which took agesssssssssss and then next day i had another wedding to attend. The couple were beautiful!
I am still so shattered.. will post pics later!!

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