Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fabulously fit!

I am soooo tired!! Been working out like a freak every day for the past 3 weeks! I'm off to gran canaria for a hen do and I'm determined to look good in a bikini!!! Ive been doing these hardcore full body workout on the ps3! Active fitness game! It really makes you sweat! Highly recommended! And me and my sis has been attending zumba classes! Its so fun! Like Salsa with a lot of beyonce uh oh uh oh uh oh oh no no butt shaking chest popping pumps!! So far I've lost 3kg! Hope to lose 5 more before 25th June! And it doesn't help that I had a sausage egg and cheese bagel this morning from mcdonalds!! Tasted really nice but the aftermath was depressing made me feel like crap! Why !!! Anways Wish me luck I need it!!!!! My sister has lost over a stone in 7 weeks I'm so proud of her! But now she's wearing a lot of my clothes ! Hmmm! And were both going to do the 5k run in London for charity! So please please sponsor me however little every penny counts! I'll have the link where you can do so very soon ! Ending on a good note.. It's a beautiful sunny day!!! Hello summer!! Yay!

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