Sunday, February 8, 2009

The china woman that gives me evils... and todays freeroll

Hello! i am waiting for an online tournament so thought i'd just update you with my day. This early afternoon, Mr Black, C-Red and i went to eat somewhere nearby and i ordered yang zhou fried rice, and the portions were hugeeeeeeeeee! Like 4 bowls of rice on one plate.. we all didnt finish our dishes and were full up!!!!!!! Then we made our way to the Grand Waldo..

It was the $100Rebuy Madness today and there were quite a lot of people today, the annoying china woman with the donkey came! There were also alot of new faces. And i had to be put on the same table as the china woman, i swear she always gives me evils. There was also this new girl on the table who won quite a bit but kept raising bare and bullying everyone when i knew she didnt have anything. There was one pot when it was just her and the china woman and china woman is small blind so she calls and has only got 300chips left so the new girl raises her all in and she folds like a madwoman as if shes trying to break the table with her cards and has a bitch fit! lol it was hilarious. I used my ticket from the freeroll and gave my other one to Mr Black to use. Anyways we all had our power balls out on our tables, and here are a few hands i remember playing...

I have pocket Kings and i limp, the flop comes 2,K,3 Rainbow.. the guy to my left goes all in with about 350, i call and he shows k8. So i win a little pot. Then im the button and i get K10 hearts and push all in to steal, but i get a caller and he turns over pocket 4's.. 'thats my lucky number' i told him.. and i rivered my 10.
Next i get KJ offsuit and have about 6000 chips above average. This guy raises pre flop to 1200, i call and then this guys goes all in with about 4000.. the guy who raised instantly calls and gives me the impression hes got an amazing hand.. so i fold my lucky KJ, The guy all in flips over pocket 7s and the other guy A8 offsuit... the flop comes 6d,5h,Qd turn an Ah and river a 10d !!!!!!!! 'Oh my god..I would of won with a straight!!' I cried out. That really pissed me off, and the guy who called is china womans friend which annoyed me a little more.

Then there was a 10minute break and about 19 players left. I sit back on my table and get KJ hearts.. i already made up my mind i was going to push all in but i was small blind and then the idiot that called my all in last friday with 10,3 when i had Aces.. goes all in and he has over 10,000 chips but it didnt occur to me and i just kept thinking about 10,3.. So i called and he turns over AQ diamonds. and the flop comes an ace of course followed by three 8's giving him the nuts. He said sorry to me as i left the table. I think i was still frustrated when i didnt call my KJ the last hand so that made me call my KJ this time which i didnt take the time to think through enough, shouldnt go against someone bigger stack than you when they can take you out.. Plus i was above average stack so i should of folded and waited.
Oh well 2 mistakes learnt from todays game. I do think i was playing a little too tight today and then when i get something nice i fucked it up.

Im gonna start grinding online and become Mr Blacks predejae, i think thats how you spell it.. and hopefully i will make over $100,000USD a year from it which is one hundred thousand times more than my wage before. My website is almost done and its green! Also I have set myself a goal to lose at least 17 lbs in 3weeks, Im going to start extreme running tomorrow at the stadium and then go on a liquid diet for a few days.. lets see how that goes...

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