Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jade cashes out in $10K Guarantee!!!!

Today i woke up at 2pm, really late.. as the $100 Rebuy madness tournament was at 3.30pm! So i dragged myself out of bed and got ready to go, Mr Black, C-Red and I left about 3.15pm and C-Red and myself prayed to the lucky cat before we departed.We have a lucky cat in a cabinet because we cashed out in a $10K Guarantee tournament before, and each time we cash out we are going to buy another lucky cat, the bigger the tournament the bigger the cat! We all just woke up so we wanted to grab a quick bite to eat, normally we would get the roast meat with rice and veg but Jason said I wasnt allowed because Im on a diet so we went to Soo's Kitchen which sells really nice Vietnamese style noodles. We slurped it as fast as we could and made our way to the Waldo.

We got there and we were placed on different tables, i used my $100 Ticket which i won from a freeroll 2 days before. The best hand i got was AQ unsuited, i pushed all in, but no one called, it got to the 2 final tables fairly quickly and i was moved to Mr Blacks table. The blinds were 300/600 and I had King clubs and Queen of diamonds and raised to 1500, one called me. The flop came 9, K, 4 Diamonds. I looked at his face and could tell straight away he was mortified of the flush on board, i instantly represented the flush but had Top pair and shipped my stack in which was about 4,500 below average- 6,000. He has more chips than me and he thinks for a long time, mumbling to himself and trying to work out the odds. Finally he calls and turns over pocket 10s with one diamond. The turn came Ace clubs and river an Ace spades, short stack doubled up! After that i was big blind and had Q10. I checked the big blind and the flop comes 2,10,7 rainbow. I raise to 600, one guy calls me, the turn comes a 5 and i check, the guy raises to 1000, i think and then call. The River comes a 2. I push all in, the guy thinks and folds and shows me Q10!!! I am over the moon! After that hand i was up about 10,000 and above average stack.

Mr black did some crazy moves during the tournament but somehow managed to get to chip leader! C-Red got unlucky and flopped 2 pair J2 but the guy put him all in, of course he called, the guy shows AK and what comes on the turn and the river?? AK!! Sickening! C-Red came out 16th and me and Mr black were still in. After about 30minutes it was final table and Mr black and i made it! yes! I folded most hands in the beginning and let others take others out. Mr black took a few people out and was chip leader. It was the last 6, 1 more out for the bubble! This guy was short stack he had 3,000 chips left, a guy raises, short stack goes all in, the guy calls and turns over pocket 5s. short stack turns over AK!The flop comes 9,A,A!!! Short stack jumps for joy screaming happily 'YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS' the turn comes a 7 and the river ........... a 5!!!!!!!!!!! Giving pocket 5s a FULLHOUSE!! short stack goes bright red and cant believe his eyes.. a tear slowly falls down his cheek. He is in shock!! Thats what you get for celebrating a little too early.. make sure the person is completley dead before you celebrate!! dont want to burst your bubble, that was very harsh!!

So now we are in the bubble top 5! After a few minutes mr black takes short stack out and then its the 4 of us, mr black still in chip lead and us 3 with about the same ammount. Big blind guy raises.. i fold my pocket 7s, Mr Black pushes all in.. small blind folds, and big blind calls!!! Big blind shows AQ mr black shows AK! The flop comes A,Q,10.. Mr black stares at the board hard... the turn comes a K! Mr black is relieveeddd, the turn a 4. Mr black takes out 4th place! Later on small blind reveals he folded AK! So it was down to the final 3. And it was getting nowhere and because we are super nice people and i had a bigger stack than the other guy i decided to split 2nd and 3rd place with him while mr black takes the 1st prize money of $4000!! So i won 2nd place! My first cash out in a live tournament! Woppeee!!! Time to buy a lucky Cat!!!

Afterwards we celebrated at a Korean Restaurant and had the lovliest Korean BBQ which filled our bellys up then we went on a hunt for a lucky cat, we were browsing in random shops and came across a Mahjong table, we bought a mahjong set 2 weeks ago so we decided to get the table to go with it. After dropping the mahjong table back at the apartment we continued our hunt for the lucky cat! We went around taipa and then up to the venetian! There were no lucky cats anywhere, oh well just have to look tomorrow! I recentley won a qualifier to a 30K Guarantee game online and its on in 2 hours! Wish me luck!!

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