Friday, February 6, 2009

Shopping in Senedo Square.. and todays freeroll

Today i wanted to buy a pair of shorts that i can wear with anything so i came across these nice black ones in a shopping plaza next to the waffle stand in Senedo Square. I looked at the tag and it was Medium size so i tried them on, which i duno why i bothered cause my gut feeling says they wont fit annnnnnd they didnt, these shops are 99% always selling one size peices. So i browsed around some more shops and spotted a really cute boutique and went inside. They had some really unique styles and i picked a black one with a pink bow and a red and black checkered one and asked the shop assistant if they had large and they said nope, so i didnt bother looking at the price tag and tried them on knowing that they wont fit, but to my suprise.. they did! what a miracle! I was very pleased and asked for the price.. she turns over the price tag... $699!!!!!!!! Thats about £69 for a pair of shorts! The whole idea of me shopping in Senedo Square was to find some cheap clothes or for a decent price especially in China. I really liked the shorts though but its not worth 69quid.. ive not spent 60quid on a pair of jeans before let alone a pair of shorts! Anyway i left the shop and went to the Freeerolllll!!!!!!!!!!

Today i have some really sore ulcers in my mouth so even when i speak or smile it kills me, i come across as a smiley bubbly person but today i was very quiet on the table and people told me to losen up..its just a freeroll!!! lol Anyways i got AK and called a persons raise of 550. the flop came nothing so i folded.. damn Ace King! Never flops for me. so i had 450 left. After my big and small blind i only have 300 left. I hold pocket 4s and being one of my favourite hands i had to push with it. So i get a caller and he flips over Pocket Queens... ooo.. Ok so the flop came 6,2,8.... turn an 8.... river a.............. 4!!!! yaye! i knew it! So i got 900 chips and the next hand i get is pocket AA! I limp and the next person raises and one calls, i push all in and they both call. The flop came 8,4,Q the guy pushes all in and the one that raised folds his AJ. He turns over 10,3???!?!?!!?!?!?! and the turn comes a 3 and river a Q. So i managed to triple up again!
And then it came to the final table and i came a lovely 5th place, and got another ticket for sunday's $100 Rebuy Game which im going to sell for 50 bucks .. anyone interested?

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  1. ahh the shorts sound very nice !! pity about the price! omgosh u remmeber crazyroom? it closed down =( haha, u always get ulcers.. need to get those japanese stickers! or salt water heh..