Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jade cashes out first place on FullTilt

Yesterday i cashed out first place in my first Sit and go online on Full tilt! and i also came 1st on a satallite and got a seat to the $200K double deuce game on sunday. Yayeee!!!!

This saturday i have the Live 150K game at Starworld Casino and its a very important one. I really hope i and the crew will get far.. Wish me lots of luck! Oh yeah and the freerolls are back online on pokerstars (thank God), they just forgot to put it up last time! Also the live freerolls at Grand Waldo are going to be deep stack games, thursday is 2000 chips and friday is 1500. Originally it was 1000 chips both days! so should be interesting!

Also Check out C-Reds blog ( he has designed the Got Rice crew characters and i love me!! Well i like all of them, he is so talented. :)

I have been missing home lately, apart from the weather i do miss sukie, and my family, river island and topshop, cinema at wandsworth, rambo and our funny outings, even going on the train to waterloo lol. London nightlife a little bit, just because macau is so rubbish. All the clubs here are rubbish. When i went to WHY Club, they did some really good music there, need to go there again! C-Red will be working with top organisation BANANA in Hong Kong and Macau :) so at least Macau nightlife will be improving. Watch out for him!

This is me and my big sister. I ღ this photo and i ღ her :)


  1. Ooh well done! Good luck for saturday n sunday!! Are you still coming back in march btw??! then are u going back to macau? I shud be going to hk in summer...

  2. oh okay then, yeah! we can go shopping! and u can take me to the korean bbq in macau¬! haha

  3. really beautiful picture of you and your sister :)
    your hair is absolutely gorgeous :)
    (i'm having a little jewelry giveaway if you are interested^^)
    drey jewelry.