Friday, February 13, 2009

Busted on my second hand

Yesterday i went to the freeroll, my first hand was AJ hearts. I just limped it and the flop came 8c,9s,4c i check this guy raises 300 and i fold and this new guy calls him. The turn comes a Kd, the guy goes all in and newby calls. Guy has pocket Queens and newby has K7 with no flush draw. The river comes a 5d.
Next hand i have K8 and im big blind. There are 5 people in the pot and i check it. The flop comes kd,8d,Qs.. so i hit 2 pair. I check it and this guy raises 200, 2 fold.. and i re raise to 400, this newby guy calls and the guy who raised folds. The turn comes an Ace of spades. I push all in to scare and newby guy calls it, newby guy has 10Q diamonds. The river had to come a Jack of diamonds giving newby a straight and a flush. So i was busted. Even if i pushed on the flop, he said he would of called me.

Anyways i was talking to my sister about the kind of dogs we want and i want a chow chow and possibly make it look like a panda. Like this:

And i also want a pomeranian and make it look like this:

And i want a husky too...

Awww isnt it cute? :)

Ive been grinding online for the past couple of days, i keep getting bad beats which pisses me off! And almost always no one calls when i have Aces. Dam it.
Oh yeh and Happy Valentines!!!!<3


  1. panda dog! heh. awk the husky is cute too! did you hava nice valentines?! haha, I had to work.. it was well busy...! and u know when the couples sit on the table and hold both hands and stare at each other.. hahahah

  2. hahah thats too funny i can imagine!