Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Mysterious Legend

Yesterday Mr Blacks old friend came around to visit and we all went for another Korean BBQ, this time for lunch! I didnt take any pictures but this is when we had korean BBQ for Mr Blacks Bday about 2 years ago.. Look at all the foooodd... Don't ask why my face is like that... i dont know..

Anyways later on i played an online freeroll with a prizepool of $10 and i came 1st!! It was a tense little game and i won a nice $7. Yeseterday I started my extreme running, there is a stadium just around the corner from my apartment and it has a tennis court and a gym and its all free! If i knew this earlier i would of lost a bit of weight by now, but oh well. Today i ate porridge with honey and going to go running in a bit. Legend is coming round today and i hope the food isnt toooo nice otherwise i will be tempted... Legend is my cook and i call her legend purely because she is one.. when it comes to cooking and where she gets the food from.. i will never know..

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  1. haha pics are funny.. omgosh i want korean bbq now... actually havent had it since... last time we ate it in mong kok... thats like ages ago! never went last year in hk, cause we just went to eat sushi all the time...hmmm i dunno why i cant have followers..