Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Biography

My name is Rachel Tsang and I was born in Birmingham on the 4th october 1988. I was raised in Hertfordshire and then I moved to London at the age of 17. I am a devoted christian and for 2 years I worked as a Personal Assistant for a music producer who never paid me. I got by, in doing part time leafletting jobs and club promoting as i never got any income from the P.A Work, and i was fortunate enough to have a friend who let me stay at their house for free. After having this bad experience in the music industry, I decided to quit and become a professional poker player and was given the opportunity to be apart of the 'Got Rice' poker crew which consists of Mr Black, C-Red and I. I met Mr Black through C-Red about 3years ago, we would always find Mr Black on the slot machines gambling away £1000 an hour and watch him play away, everytime he won £5 i would be amazed! Everytime he wins or loses he would treat C-Red and i to a lovely meal and we would chat away for ages as we had so much in common. It was Mr Black who got C-Red addicted to Poker, after a while it spread onto me.

Now Mr Black is a poker teacher aswel as a poker player and always said I had potential and can see me becoming huge as there isnt a lot of young female asian poker players out there. At first I thought can I really do it? But then I realise, it is something I really enjoy doing and to make a living out of it is a dream. Ive always lived my life on the edge and didnt finish school and quit a lot of things, because i wasnt happy doing it. I now know that all i ever wanted was to be happy, and no odinary job would fufill that.. so thats why im playing poker.

Jade is my poker name.

The first time I found out about Poker was when I was around C-Reds house, and his whole family was playing poker with 10p'S. I didn't quite get it at first but learnt as I joined in, it was fun and addictive. Later on C-Red played at his friends house for £20 buy in wheras I watched and educated myself even more. I didn't really take it seriously until C-Red started holding home games and his friends would bring their friends and play, I thought I'd give it a go and played too. I would find myself getting quite far in the game and everyone would say how scared and intimidated they are of me, purely because I am a female. I realised that poker was something I really enjoyed doing and it gives me a lot of excitment and thrill.

One day I went to the Gutshot in Barbican and tried a tournament, it was my first ever tournament outside of home and I was very nervous. 99% were male players so I felt dreadfully demoralized and tense. I didn't play very well for my first time but I kept trying and the more I lost the more determined I was to play more to win. Plus it never bored me once and every hand is different and also a learning curve for me. I played at the Empire casino and also the Vic in London, I tried playing cash games but I prefer tournaments because in my opinion tournament requires more skill and its less agressive. One time I came 9th in a £50 Rebuy tournament in the Empire Casino out of 78 runners and felt really happy I made it that far. Unfortunatley I was 2 off from being in the bubble but it didn't really bother me, because it was a step closer to getting better.

Now I am currently in China playing professonally and still learning as I play. I plan to make it to the big tournaments from freerolls and get to where the big players are. I have come 1st and 2nd several times in $10 tournaments from freerolls. I play often at the Grand Waldo in Taipa, from the freerolls I have won every single time and come in the bubble to get my ticket to the $100 Buyin Game on Sundays. I have come 6th twice in $100 Tournament without no rebuys or add ons. I recently won a freeroll online to a live 75K Guarantee Game and a qualifier to a $30k Guarantee Online from a freeroll. I have come 2nd in a $10K Guarantee Tournament live at the Grand Waldo and cashed out.

My dream is to cash out big from a freeroll, and to make it to a final table in the APPT. I hope that one day poker can change my life and i will use the winnings to make everyone close to me happy. My favourite poker hand is King Jack suited and my lucky poker hand is Jack 9 and pocket 4's. I would also like to be remembered as an asian female poker player.

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