Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vixen Rachel

Hey everyone, just been back from the cinema and watched The Crazies! I jumped twice! And got quite scared at one point had to cover half my face with my scarf and peek through my hands... but overall i thought the trailer looked like it was gonna be a well good film... but it wasnt. Quite dissapointed! Was looking forward to it and it sort of burst my bubble. The storyline wasnt very good. Anyways today i got my Jadilla J Lipstick I ordered online.. woohoo!!! Its called Original Love and also bought a Lipstick by Girl Talk in Milk Pink.. sounds niceee.. it is slightly softer, milkier than the Jadilla J one and not as bright.

Here i am wearing Girl Talk Lippy in Milk Pink <3 What do you think?

Today i went to hand in some application forms in town. Went into Starbucks first and bought a Tall Skinny half shot Caramel Machiatto.. mmmmmmm yum! and then went into Costa with my application form and handed it in. The Barista said 'You come in and hand in an application form holding a starbucks cup!' I laughed and they asked me to put it in a Costa cup and said they would consider it.. hahahhaa.......

Recently got scouted by Nutspoker to be part of the all female poker team called RedHotVixens! Basically I play in these tournaments and act as a bounty, which means whoever knocks me out will get a cash bonus! So they will be gunnin for us Vixens hard!! And my job is to stay in the game for as long as possible, as i do get paid to play.. ;)
You can find out more info at: http://www.nutshouse.com/redhotvixens.html
Check out all the other vixens and show us your nuts!



  1. & random. my mother is Hakka yin too ~

  2. hey rachel! Definitely will check out the red hot vixens poker thing. :] Good luck & I hope you have tons of fun.


  3. awwr love this colour.
    Can u send me the link where u buy this awesome lipstick? =D

    NIce Greet Bounchi

  4. hey bounchii you can get it at www.gmarket.com