Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Falsies

First of all i would like to thank Serena and Cindy for the blog awards! Means a lot thank you girls :)

Mmmmm im munching on some dried mango that was bought all the way from hong kong aji ichiban! its soooo yummmyyy!! om nom nom nom.. Anywayyss...

I recently bought myself a mascara called 'The Falsies' by maybelline new york, purely because my cousin Ani aka Pandagirl wrote a blog about it and i thought ooooooooo i want to try it and... I love it sooooo much!!!
I use mascara especially on my lower lashes and this product gives volume and thickness in just a few strokes. PERFECT!!! The brush seperates your lashes really well and also i find it quite hard to get the outer corners of my lashes with a normal straight brush, but this is a curvey brush and its so much more easier.. and it doesnt get all clumpy.

I actually prefer this to Fiberwig as i find fiberwig lengthens your lashes in a wispy way, you may like that but i prefer the vavoomness Falsies give my lashes and still lengthening it slightly in a more natural way. And of course fiberwig takes a lot of time to apply if you want very long lashes. I would recommend Fiberwig to anyone, its totally worth the price at £5.99 special promotion at superdrug and boots right now but normally costs £7.99 which is still ok.

What im wearing today, shirt is from hong kong :)


  1. Woahh I don't think I've ever tried mascara that makes a difference like that! I hate how Australia is so behind, we don't even have that falsies mascara available here ): I bet it will be available like next year? Haha

    You look gorgeous in both photos and OMG when I was in Hong Kong with my bf that's all I ate, dried mango, these mango shakes with like milk or something? Oh oh oh and crepes !!

    Sorry you can so tell that I get excited by food, especially mango!!

    Xo take care dear!

  2. wow. that a very cool mascara. i think i might actually try it out! it makes a lot of difference to your lashes, and makes you look gorgeous! dried mango is the bomb!
    love reading your posts!

  3. You are soo pretty & the mascara looks nice. Dried mangos yum! Hahaha. hows playing poker lately Rachel? Take care!