Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What is love?

To be perfectly honest, I don't think that love can be described. And that's the phenomenon of it. Nobody can place a definite definition on it. Love isn't just a four letter word, and shouldn't be flounced around casually. Until you know what real love is, you will never understand it. Even when you're in love, you can't really understand it. You find yourself with overwhelming urges to be with that person; do all the "couply" things. Of course the traditional bottle of wine with a DVD, cuddled up on the sofa come in tow. Love can't be described; you just know what it feels like. And once you feel it, you never want to let that feeling go.

Love doesn't know the faults of another. All love knows is the other. Love fails to understand time as well. You may know someone for years, then again, you may only know them for days. Love doesn't care. Love is love. It's fickle and fantastic and difficult all at once. But, even in times of anger or frustration, love still reminds you that it is there. No matter how angry you get, you still know that you love the person with all that you have and that there isn't anything that you wouldn't do to make the one you love feel what you feel. Most of all, however, being loved is great but knowing how it feels to love another is the greatest feeling of all. If you love someone, you know it. Make sure they do, too.



  1. Well written babe!
    You got a 3 blog awards waiting for you on my blog:D Come get themmm hehhe xoxo


  2. Watch this video :)

    yeah i will teach u! how is taeyang coming along? haha