Friday, March 5, 2010

Golden Lioness

Hey Readers!!

Here is a make up look i created today which i call The Golden Lioness!!! RAWR!

Go on Try it yourselves.. I promise its very easy!

The Essentials:
Liquid/Gel Eyeliner
Gold Eyeshadow
Black shimmery Eyeshadow
Eyebrow Pencil
False Eyelashes (optional)
Blendey brush and a flat eyeshadow brush
Neutral Lipgloss

What I Used:
Bobbi Brown Black Long wear Gel Eye liner
Fiberwig Mascara
MAC Woodwinked Eyeshadow
Lancome Black Ellipse Eyeshadow
Christian Dior Eyebrow Pencil
Body Shop Liquid Lip Color

To create this look first of all sweep the Gold eyeshadow over your eyelids
Then take the eyeliner and draw a thin line with a slight flick at the end creating a 'cats eye' look.

Take the flat brush and the Black eyeshadow and mark out the crease line in your eyelids, gradually blend it in with your blender brush for a smokey effect.

Curl your natural lashes and apply your false eyelashes on followed by a light coat of mascara to blend your lashes together for a more natural look.

Apply mascara onto your lower lashes and use the tip of the flat brush and gold eyeshadow and dab the inner corners of your eye to half way below your bottom lashes, use the black eyeshadow from that half way point to the outer corners of your eye creating a smudgey smokey effect.

Finish off with defining your eyebrows and a Gorgeous Neutral lipgloss!

I hope you liked this look, let me know what you think! :)


  1. like this look :D! thanks for sharing ^^

  2. awww Rachel you are gorgeous! I love this look. Lovin' the colors you used on your eyes. :]

  3. Love the golden look! Looks so good on you

  4. oeeh pretty<3
    looks very good on you!

  5. all i got to say is that u look hot~

  6. awwwr wonderful <3
    i love ur eyelashes they're so long

  7. Looking oh so pretty. I didn't know you changed your site! I didn't get any of your blog updates on my dashboard. I just figured out why today. Atleast I can catch up on your previous posts now! =D

  8. Awwwwww you'reee suchh beautifulllll girl! Loving the loook on you:D Those lashes are cute..naturall but I like it <3

    Cindy xoxo

  9. Hey Rachel... I forgot to mention that I have a blog award for you on my blog.

  10. Very nice. Gold e/s is always a fave of mine esp for everyday looks