Sunday, February 28, 2010


Finally Enormous Lash has arrived! YAY!!! Going to start using it tonight and i have taken a 'before' photo of myself and will update every week to see the changes! Im excited!!!

Anyways yesterday i went to play the Super 50 Deepstack Freezeout in Nottingham! For beginners, it means its £50 to buy in for 10,000 chips which is a lot! thats why its called deeeeep stack. So you can see a lot more hands and play more i guess. And its a freezeout meaning once you lose all your chips, your out. So the best thing to do in this sort of game is to play very tight and good premium hands and hopefully get paid off when you do and build your chip stack up. Yesterday there was a total of 288 Players and it started at 3pm, I sat on table 26 seat 9. Dont really like seat 9 cause i cant really see all the players, and it is important to to keep an eye on the players on your left.

Anyway here are a few hands i remember playing.. I was big blind and had 10 7 spades, no raises and 3 people were in the pot. The flop comes 10d 4s 9s. So i bet 200 and both call. Next card comes a 2c and i bet 400 and one player calls. The river comes a Qs, player bets 400 i reraise to 800 and he calls with higher flush K8. That is why i hate the big blind.. its like a trap!!

After that the same guy hit higher flushes than me 2 more times and i started to tilt, he was apologetic and said i was unlucky.. reallllly unlucky. I had about 6,000 chips left. and it was Level 4 blinds at 150/300. I get pocket Qs and raise it up to 900. Two players call. The flop comes Jd Qc 2d. I thought i'd slow play it and checked which was the wrong move.. player 1 bets 1500 and the other guy calls, i call the turn comes an Ah and I check again and they all check the river a 4d and i check the guy bets 3000 and the guy calls, i have 4000 left. Really should have folded but i couldnt.. even though i knew i was losing.. so i threw in my 3000 chips and player 1 shows 53 for a straight. Player 2 shows K8Diamonds with the flush raking in the mahooosive pot. I have 1000 chips left... great.

It comes to break for 20minutes and then we play again, this time we had a new dealer and he said to me 'im lucky with girls' and the first hand he dealt me was pocket Kings.. i couldnt believe it. I shoved all in, no one called and i took the blinds and antes. Next hand had pockets 10s, again no one called my all in. Slowly built my stack back upto 8,000 chips, people on my table were praising me how i came back from 3bigblinds.. just proves anything could happen! but most importantly be paitent.. I soon get pocket Jacks, i push all in, this player says 'call' thinking i only called the bet. But because he said 'call' he had to call my raise and he had A6 and missed so i doubled upto 18,000 chips. Funnily enough, The guy that kept hitting a higher flush against me got knocked out by a flush and he said to me 'good luck i hope you win' i thought that was really sweet of him.. made me well happy. The blinds were eating me up, had to steal a few times when i had the chance. Then got moved to another table blinds were 600/1200 and i was big blind.. had J7diamonds and the flop comes 2d, 4,d and 7c i shove all in with a top pair and flush draw of 12,000 and big stack calls with pocket 8s and.... i missed. In the end i came 120th out of 288. Oh well.. next time!


  1. Yeahhhhhhh! omw it looks prettyy :D can't wait to see them grow!

  2. Looks nice!

    Hey Rachel, I have some questions to ask you if you don't mind. E-mail me at
    Take care!

  3. ou that looks lik ea fun product!:)

  4. WHOA... sounds intense. Must have felt good coming back up like that. My bf wants to play in a tournament today, $2K buy in. I don't know if he went or not. {*LOL} There's a tournament at a local casino this week. I think we're going to drop by and watch some of the games. =] I'm excited.
    I love to watch him play but he doesn't do too well when I'm there. I think he's just distracted by my presence. IDK.