Sunday, February 21, 2010

HAPPY 2010!!

Hey its been a while since i blogged, happy new year! hahaha.. Well 2010 has been good so far, been playing cash recently and im up so its all goooood. Going to play a Super 50 deepstack freezeout on the 27th Feb, so will let you know how it goes! Here are some pics of me that i took today cos i was bored..... I am in love with Jadilla J's Lipgloss in pink, I LAV IT!! Enjoy!

Here i am wearing Angel Circle Lens in Blue.. and Jadilla J's Lippy in Pink <3


  1. I love the lipgloss! Ive heard so much about these circle contact lenses how much are they and where can you buy them?

  2. Super cute blog! Got your blog from your cousin! :] Thats a really nice lip color & your very pretty dearrr.

    Katie Ngo

  3. Welcome to blogging mannn.. yeahhhhhhhhh this is going to be fun! XD

  4. Nice circle lenses, your soo pretty!