Monday, June 15, 2009

Im back!!!

Its been a lonnnnnnnnnnnng time since i've blogged here!!!
Anyway thought i'd update my site because i played some poker last week.. I played the £20 rebuy tournament in empire casino on wednesday.. In the early stage i really thought i was soooo not going to get far, i was super tight like a mountain and basically didnt have any great cards for one hour, after the rebuy period i had to make all in moves or else i was doomed. I have 900chips and average is about 5000. I get a nice hand finally AQ (nice but unlucky for me), under the gun guy shoves all in and everyone fold but me. He shows 75 off suit.. and says he pushed to steal because he underthegun raised... so im ahead and luckily my AQ holds. Woopooodooo!!

Anyways after that one hand i played i was moved to another table... i instantly get pocket 10s and shove once more, i get 2 callers, AQ and AK and my tens held trippling my chips up to about 8,000 chips!!! Then i get JQ hearts and push all in under the gun, the left of me was a huge stack and he calls which i least expected! Everyone else folds and big stack shows A9 offsuit. The flop comes 6h,2c,10h.. the dealer says im favourite to win.. i shout for a heart!! the turn a 7s and the river.................. a 5h!!!!!!!!!!!! yessssssssssssssss!!! i shook his hand thinking i took him out but he still had some chips left..

After that i had about 17,000 chips and then it was the final table...
After a 10minute break, we were back on the table, short stack had about 5000 chips and chip leader had about 25,000 and so i sat back and waited for an amazing hand. 2 rounds of blinds went around quick and 2 people were knocked out already..Blinds are 800/1600 i get pocket 10s again and push all in underthegun. Everyone folds. I get pocket 77s and im big blind, dealer min raises, i push all in and he folds. Then i get AK suited and booted baby!! I am small blind and the dealer calls, i go all in and he doesnt believe me and he calls with 910diamonds. He said 'i thought she was bluffin she went all in in the last 3 hands!!!' My AK held and now i was a huge stack. There are 4 people left and i am chip leader with about 40,000 chips. 2nd place had 28,000. 2nd place knocked 4th place out. Then there were 3, i was big blind with Q8 off suit, small blind calls and i check. The flop comes 6,Q,3 rainbow, i min bet and small blind re raises all in.. I think about it..... and he smiles at me, i called thinking he had me beat. He shows A2 and i take him out!!!

Now it was Headsup blinds 4,000/8,000. Everytime i was small blind i min raised about 8 times and the guy never called me, he was loosing his blinds fast and only had a quarter of my stack, he soon shoves all in and i called with A2, he showed pocket 10s and it held. Then straight after i get pocket Queens, he min raised and i pushed all in, he snap calls with pocket kings. I then only have 4,000 chips left and get 72 offsuit and go all in and........ lost.

So in the end i came 2nd with a nice £420 in my pocket, I was proud because i did no rebuys or add ons either and I must admit i bought a hat and some pink sunglasses which did the trick..

Thats all folks!!!

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