Monday, March 22, 2010

Picture time

Hey everyone, today has been a long chillaxing day.. ate a donut with a cuppa tea mmmmmmm.. not sticking to my special k diet right now but who gives a shit! (me deep down) lol anywayss.. i thought i'd share some photos with you all that somewhat describes abit of my life so here goes...

This was a Masquerade Ballers Event that i hosted for, me and my co host Zoe

Me and Trina

Madame moi

Me with Events Organiser Wolfi

Raking in a massive pot!

Me playing poker on final table

Nights out

Yup i used to work at bars and make cocktails, here is me freepouring a bacardi coke

I LOVE Sashimi, so pretty and yummy

This korean pancake is the boomdizzle

Me in the countryside

Coat is from Topshop

And i was in a music video........ ok folks thats all!

I hope you found this interesting hahah

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  1. aww... u look so pretty.. and i love ur sweater! so cute

  2. WOW... you were in a music video? That's awesome. What was it like?

    You look so pretty in all of your photos. I think the photos taken with the umbrella are really cute and artsy. The first umbrella photo looks like it could be an advertisement of some sort.

  3. you are so pretty rachel! hahaa. yeah my luck goes up sometimes in poker. I see your still playing poker. :) Top table ehhh! :D Wow you were in a music vid?! Thats sooo nice. How was it? & what music video? Take care lovely.

  4. ur the hottest girl in the poker room~
    haha so u are the token asian girl in the rap video?

  5. Oh my, you have such a crazy interesting life! :D Lol compared to my boring routine life, sounds soooooo crazy fun!

    You are so absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous!!! <3

  6. You are so pretty girl, I can't play poker to save my own

    Looks like you are having fun!

    speak soon