Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hi all!!! It has been ages since i last wrote a blog! Oh my God!!! I literally dont have a life now i just work work and work! I thought i could start blogging again after i got an iphone but im so lazy and laptops are much easier! Well im back home at the moment and have 3 days off so i thought i would get back on it when i can! Actually was reading my cousins blog and kinda urged me to do it aswel.. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

So im gonna pretty much sum up what ive been doing since my last blog...

Ive been making a lot of these at work...

Had an urge to get a tattoo one day so i did it.

Went to a lovely engagement dinner! Girl on the left is getting married and shes 23!!!!!! young love <3

Spent a lot of time with the lovely boyfriend :)

I went to Ireland to visit my family a few weeks ago, it was a very nice break away ! BBQ, dim sum, circus, ice skating, cupcakes, kareoke, hot pot!!
Nice to see everyone and feel homey again! Really miss family times! Managed to fit a lot of stuff to do in 3 days! and then anita my cousin came back to london with me and my sis to do some eating, shopping and partying! fun times!!! and now i shall leave you with these.....

Red Velvet cupcakes.. Yom.

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