Tuesday, January 27, 2009

$100 Rebuy Madness!

Mr Black, C-Red and I went to the $100 Rebuy madness Sunday game, there were about 38 people I got my ticket and i got seat number 4.. my lucky number so i was feeling veryyy lucky today. I quickly doubled my stack with KJ and the flop came K,7,3 Rainbow. A guy raised and i pushed all in.. he thought about it and called. His cards were 76. The turn came a 9 and River a 4. After that hand i was big blind. I held 73 diamonds. I checked the flop and it came 4d5d6h, i checked, everyone checks, the turn comes a 3s a guy raises 400, i call the rest folds. The River comes a 9c. The guy checks to me and i raise all in.. he thinks.. and calls and shows a 28 lower straight.Final 2 table, Mr black and C-Red are big stack.

The average chip stack now was 5.800 i had 4,000. I had no good hands so i bled a little and stole the blinds when i could. Short stack goes all in everyone folds and i think for a moment...... i call with J9 diamonds. He turns over pocket Queens! Im busted... The flop came 8KJ rainbow... 'JACK JACK JACK JACK' everyone chants... the turn comes a... Jack!!! and the river a 9! giving me the nuts!! thank you god!Mr black, C-Red and i made it to the final tables... at this time Mr Black was chip leader with about 15,000 Chips. I had about 10,000. I got Rockets and pushed all in under the gun.. big mistake! Everyone folded.. lesson learnt that i should have limped it. 6 people left on the table.. I had A 10 spades and a guy pushed all in...... i called and then some other guy spent agesss thinking about whether he should call... now i think i shouldnt have called so that i'd definatley would be in the money!!! silly fool. He called. he turns over Ace J offsuit. the other guy has pocket 9's. The flop came 439, turn, 2, River, Q giving the guy a set. I came 6th again!!! one off from the bubble... it is quite frustrating!!!!!!!!!!! maybe i should have waited a lil longer.

Anyways back to the game, C-Red got dealt a card 2 of spades which was exposed. This Donkey goes all in preflop and may i remind you a 2 of spades was exposed..... C-red has AK so he calls.. the donkey turns over POCKET 2'S!!! what an idiot!! c-Red didnt hit anything on the board so the donkey wins with his pair of 2's... how unbelievable!! Anyways the final 3 players were the Donkey, C-Red and Mr black. Mr black was big stack and was prepared to split the winnings but the donkey didnt say anything... after one hand the donkey won, he suddenly thought he was chip leader and said NO SPLIT CARRY ON PLAYING!! . Donkey goes all in, Mr Black calls with Q4hearts, the donkey shows 76hearts the flop comes KQQ,turn4 river 9 giving mr black a FULLLLL HOUSEEE!! donkey is back to short stack.. thats what happens when your greedy!! HE did offer to split but o well!! Donkey goes all in, C-Red calls with A10 donkey has ace5. The board comes an Ace and C-red takes the pot !!!!!!!!!!! Mr black and C-red split the winnings of $6750! Success..time to buy a lucky cat!

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